An introductory program to collecting by fotofever

Contemporary photography being the most accessible artistic medium aesthetically and financially, it is the most suitable to start a collection. That is why fotofever has created START TO COLLECT program that guides amateurs step-by-step toward the acquisition of their first photographic artwork.
« Each year fotofever gives birth to new collectors thanks to an eclectic selection of several hundred works presented by galleries from around the world. Everyone can find a favourite ! »

Cécile Schall, founder and director of fotofever.


start to collect at fotofever paris 2016:
a program constructed around 6 initiatives



fotofever dedicates a space at the entrance of the fair for a selection of artworks chosen from our exhibitors propositions, showcasing new artists, techniques and artistic horizons for visitors to collect.

2016 Selection. © Thomas d'Aram. 


'Coup de Coeur' of the gallerist

Each gallery selects an artwork which represents the ideal work for a first purchase. It will be exhibited on his booth and clearly marked with a Coup de Coeur label.

© Thomas d'Aram


Guided Tours

Daily guided tours will be available for free to the public, highlighting the Coup de Coeur of the gallerists.
Guided Tour at fotofever paris 2016. © Thomas d'Aram.



fotofever organises daily talks with gallerists, artists and collectors - to demystify the status of the collector and encourages to collecting.

Discussion between Thomas Devaux (artist), Josette Sayers (collector) and Damien Gard (Macadam Gallery). 
© Thomas d'Aram.



'P'tits Collectionneurs' workshops

Free daily workshops for children (6-12 years old) are organised Saturday and Sunday (11am-5pm) in a dedicated space of the fair to initiate their senses through photographic art and processes.  
P'tits Collectionneurs workshops at fotofever paris 2016© Thomas d'Aram.