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A programme to encourage the collection of contemporary photography

As part of its START TO COLLECT programme, fotofever develops various initiatives highlighting the specificities of the market & the collection of contemporary photography.

This program encourage both young and confirmed collectors to give their attention to the medium and therefore support contemporary artistic creation.


Collector’s Apartment

The veritable antechamber of the fair, the collector’s apartment has doubled in size this year to become a 200 square metre home interior showcasing a selection of artworks. 

fotofever has invited Roche Bobois and scenographer Elizabeth Leriche to design the 2017 version of the collector’s apartment.

© Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

Artists : Xavier Blondeau (courtesy Courcelles Art Contemporain), Johann Fournier (courtesy Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand), Christophe Beauregard (courtesy Exposed), Yuna Yagi (courtesy Roche Bobois).
Roche Bobois Furniture: Canapé Bubble, design Sacha Lakic. Chaise Arum, design Sacha Lakic. Desserte Waterline, design Cédric Ragot. Table basse Cuba Libre, design Daniel Rode. Vases Scott, design Les Héritiers.


fotofever will be hosting a daily programme of round tables which will give fair visitors the opportunity to meet leading figures in the art photography market.

Discussions will focus on a variety of issues relating to collecting and its place in the art market, and the new generation of collectors.

©Thomas d'Aram

« The online art market : what place for photography ? 
> Friday 10 November, from 3pm to 4pm, in partnership with HISCOX (in French)

« What makes an artist’s value ? »
> Saturday 11 November, from 3pm to 4pm, in partnership with the Salon de la Photo (in French)

« Focus on the photography market in Far East Asia »
> Sunday 12 November, from 3pm to 4pm, in English

Guided tours

Because every photographic work has a story, and is part of a series and derives from the vision of its creator, fotofever will be offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about the selection "coup de coeur".

A guide will reveal the meaning behind each one of them, and also explain what goes into determining a price.

> Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November, starting at 2pm and 4pm
Free for ticket holders
> Places are limited : register at or the Info Desk


Exhibition "hors les murs" at the Salon de la Photo 2017

For the first time, fotofever and the Salon de la Photo are working together to initiative photography lovers to collecting.
> an exhibition of artworks under €1,000, in a dedicated space (Hall 5.2)
> a fotofever representative will be present during the exhibition, to welcome and guide visitors
> a how-to-collect guide
> a 1-hour conference about what makes an artist's value