fotofever for 7 years already, encourages the collection of photography through its program START TO COLLECT, you are a photography lover or a established collector ? Discover here our small collector's guide


What is collecting?

The word "collection" can be scary because associated with some accumulation frenzy. But we actually talk about collecting from only 2 works, when a dialogue starts to take place between them. To collect is to acquire a work that moved us, to have it daily with you and prusue that emotion. It is also to support its author!

What "good" price for a photo ?

The one you are willing to pay ! more concretely, to evaluate the price of a photograph, a number of subjective and objective criteria must be retained. This without losing sight of the main goal: to please you, even to succumb to the favorites! but you will not have the same approach of the price (or the temptation) if it is a project of decoration or a work of art for your collection.

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