2018 Laureates



Congratulations to the 3 young laureates of 2018, who will be exhibited at fotofever paris 2018 next November!


Lina Benouhoud

series Parisian Buildings

"Parisian Buildings is a still life series highlighting Parisian buildings and their materials, all in a minimal spirit. By representing them this way, it is the rudimentary elements that characterize them that come to speak of them. The details that make the charm and distinction of the building are found directly in front of us. Thanks to which we apprehend them in a new and different way. "

Lina Benouhoud is a very young artist (23) passionate about photography and architecture, currently studying at the Spéos photography school in Paris.



Martin Bertrand

series Oasis Kerlanic

In the remote countryside of Central Brittany, at the end of a road that the GPS hardly indicate, we finally reach the place called Kerlanic, called by its residents" Oasis Kerlanic ". He is nicknamed this because, for someone who tries to escape the frenzy of our society, it is as if he was in the desert and he found, in the middle of nowhere, an oasis. It is a place where one lives in autonomy and in adequacy with nature, a place where everyone is welcome and who advocates an alternative way of life. "

A young photographer reporter, 21, Martin Bertrand is one of Hans Lucas's 2016 favorites and is now part of the collective.



Clothilde Matta

with the series Jealousy of Matter

« Jealousy of Matter series started during a stay in Rome. Obsessed by the omnipresence of the statues in the eternal city, I considered them a people of stone accompanying me everywhere and a dialogue was formed between us. From this dialogue came an almost mystical confrontation: the immutable perfection of the marble bodies juxtaposed with the sensual yet mortal beauty of the female body. » 

Clothilde Matta is a 27-year-old artist who likes to merge various artistic practises.




Your turn now to decide which of the 3 laureates will win
a coaching programme with La Condamine!

Voters will be entered in a draw, for a chance to win :
✔ an artwork signed by the Grand Laureate, produced by Dahinden
✔ 10 invitations for the vernissage of fotofever paris 2018

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