03 JUIL > 24 SEPT 2017



fotofever's first exhibition in Arles, on the theme of documentary photography, in collaboration with 10 partner galleries.

PROGRAM: a dialogue between 10 international artists

"Far from the typical fair format, we wanted to create a real dialogue between the presented artists, their different cultural and social backgrounds, and show their unique vision of contemporary society."  

Cécile Schall, fotofever Founder & Director 


> from 03 July to 24 September 2017

> free entry

 at the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Documentary Photography & Film : 18 rue de la Calade, 13200 ARLES

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©Arthur Vincenot


The exhibited artists


Christophe Beauregard (France) I EXPOSED

Delphine Blast (France) I The Chata Gallery

Beril Gulcan (Turkey) I Gama Gallery

Mami Kiyoshi (Japan) I Galerie Annie Gabrielli 

KUB (France) I FKMG
Mário Macilau (Mozambique) I Ed Cross Fine Art

Suntag Noh (South Korea) I AN INC. 

David Nicolas Parel (France-Switzerland) I NdF Gallery

Gabriele Stabile (Italy)
I Le Magasin de Jouets

Piotr Zbierski (Poland) I Little Birds Gallery

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START TO COLLECT documentary photography

Documentary photography is a pioneering genre which has slowly found its place in the art market. This exhibition aims to show the blurred lines that exists between documentary and art photography whilst promoting documentary photography as a collectible

> all works are available for sale

> all artists exhibited are represented by a gallery

> all works are produced in a limited edition (< 30)

> daily commented tours are available at 3pm to delve into the story of each work and its artistic approach 

> presence during the 3 months of a dedicated staff member to accompany your visit and acquisitions

Founded in 2009 by Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, a Puerto-Rican photographer, the foundation is dedicated to documentary photography and film. It supports photoreporters and photojournalists who depict the social realities of emerging and developing countries.