Beril Gulcan, Turkey

Gama Gallery - Turkey

© Beril Gulcan, Aunt&Grandma, serie Between You and Me, 2010, courtesy Gama Gallery

Originally from Istanbul, Beril Gulcan was won over by the chaotic diversity of New York and now works from her studio in Brooklyn. She specializes in portraiture and looking at ways of life that are less conventional, even displaced.

Well-known on the local scene with multiple publications and collective/solo exhibitions, the GAMA GALLERY is accompanying her work on the international level.

At Foto Doc’ Collection

The project “Between You and Me” starts with an exploration into mother-daughter relationships. Beril Gulcan photographs them in daylight, in their everyday life, so as to reveal the feelings that they have for one another: a mix of affection and pride, and even bitterness and anger.

The project then extended to other relationships, such as aunt & niece and grandmother & granddaughter. What the artist’s work reveals is this ensemble of complex feelings which unite her models, whatever may be their social situations.