Mami Kiyoshi, Japan

Galerie Annie Gabrielli - France

© Mami Kiyoshi, Sakura, Kazuhiro, 2015, serie New Reading Portraits, courtesy Galerie Annie Gabrielli

Born in 1974 in Japan, Mami Kiyoshi studied fine arts at Musashino Art University. In 2010, she was the recipient of a state grant from the Japanese government to support her artistic studies abroad, which then brought her to France. In 2011, she was the laureate of the prix d’Art/l’art de la ville and in 2012 the recipient of the SFR Jeunes Talents prize. In 2014, she exhibited her work at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Over her many series, Mami Kiyoshi takes a look at the multitude of lives of the 21st century, in the form of photographic fable.
At Foto Doc’ Collection

The “New Reading Portraits” series, which Mami Kiyoshi started in Japan in 2003 and then continued in Europe, is inspired by the traditional mise-en-scène of traditional woodcut printing and creates a portrait of society through personal stories.

In order to construct these small photographic, everyday stories, she put out a call to candidates on the internet. The models are then photographed with what they decide to reveal about themselves. These mises-en-scènes, while posed and extremely subjective, can be categorized as documentary photography.