KUB, France

FKMG - France

© KUB, Bouba, Burq, 2017, courtesy FKMG
Originally from the North of France, KUB has always drawn. Having lived in Paris since 1989, today he is counted among the most promising artists in the world of photography, video and digital arts.
Influenced by his travels, Andy Warhol’s hallucinatory videos and the subversive counter-culture of the sixties and seventies, KUB’s works are breathtaking and unclassifiable experiences.

At Foto Doc’ Collection

Through his portraits, KUB takes a striking look at the “wolf-children,” enlisted in guerilla troupes and victims of massacres in Mozambique. He also looks at subjects from the archaic conservatism and violence that oppresses women in Afghanistan’s rural areas, to the difficult only child question that weighs heavy on China and incites the development of prostitution.