Mário Macilau, Mozambique

Ed Cross Fine Art - United Kingdom

© Mário Macilau, Untitled, 2016, serie Faith, courtesy Ed Cross Fine Art
Mário Macilau lives and works in Mozambique, where he was born in 1984. His photographic journey started in 2003 in the streets of Maputo, with projects that link together ideas of identity, political problems, environmental conditions and the oppressed. He is an engaged artist who works closely with the United Nations and Walking Together, a project that defending children’s rights.

His activism is supported by a growing recognition within the art world, thanks to many collective and personal exhibitions across the world and a close collaboration with the Ed Cross Fine Art Gallery, which shows at the most prestigious fairs in Europe.

At Foto Doc’ Collection

“Growing in Darkness” and “Faith” series, as well as Macilau’s entire bodywork, gives a critical perspective on the reality of contemporary African society. The documentary work is enhanced through the artist’s use of black and white, giving the images strength and a poetic sense. “Growing in Darkness” is a four year project that focuses on the children who live in the streets of Maputo, abandoned to their own fate. The series was presented at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

“Faith,” his most recent series, shows how some traditional practices are conserved in contemporary life in order to find a certain coherence and connection.