Suntag Noh, South Korea

AN INC. - South Korea

© Suntag Noh, #BJK2219, #BIK0501 et #BIK0401, serie reallyGood murder, 2008-2009, courtesy AN INC
Born in 1971 in Seoul, Suntag Noh’s favoured theme is the division between the Korean Peninsula and how it impacts everyday life. Beginning his career as a photojournalist, he then published numerous books on this subject and won the Korea Artists Prize from the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in 2014.

Remarkable in his theatricality, Suntag Noh combines documentary and fiction - an unconventional aesthetic which gives worth to being one of the most well-known photographic artists in Korea. His name, little by little, crosses boundaries with a presence in international fairs like fotofever paris in 2016 and Photo London in 2017.

At Foto Doc’ Collection

With the series “reallyGood murder”, Suntag Noh photographs arms fairs which are, in Korea, open to civilians and considered as a family outing. This juxtaposition between weapons and the public is, for the artist, an inarguable illustration of the profound influence of the North-South divide on Koreans’ lives and traditions.