Gabriele Stabile, Italy

Le Magasin de Jouets - France

© Gabriele Stabile, Dance, dance, dance, 2007, serie Til The Sun Turns Black, courtesy Le Magasin de Jouets
Gabriele Stabile is an Italian photographer based between New York and Rome, member of the independent photography collective, CESURA.

He has often treated the subject of displaced populations, such as his documentary work Refugee Hotel, on which he collaborated with Juliet Linderman, following refugees’ first days in the United States.

At Foto Doc’ Collection

Fifteen years in the making, “Til the Sun Turns Black” series tracks the different waves of migration throughout the world. Looking into his archives, Stabile wanted to give a new feeling to these one hundred or so images.

Through the process of assembly and reconstruction, he crosses the fates of anonymous people, bound by the mere fact of having crossed paths with the artist. In a unique creative process, Stabile mixes documentary with the visual arts.