In these particular times, it seems essential to us to refocus on what is the essence of fotofever: the encounter between an artwork and its collector. That is why we have decided to take you on a discovery of a fotofever collector and his home.



©Alain Cornu, Sur Paris #100, 2012, Galerie Stp

Today we meet Camille, a 38 years old French American who fell in love with Alain Cornu's work (galerie Stp - fotofever 2019). 

In three words, what's a collection to you?

A passion, a break, an escape!

Why did you choose to buy this particular picture of Alain Cornu?

I was immediately and instinctively captivated by Alain Cornu's work when I discovered him at fotofever paris 2019. Each of the 4 artworks exhibited told its own story while creating a remarkable impression of serenity. I chose this work for the light emanating from the windows and creating an incredible impression of colour and glow. I loved the way the light (that we imagine coming from the back of the building) is captured to come and illuminate the chimneys.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to acquire photography?

Start by surrounding yourself with images that you like and that seem to really resonate with you. Don't worry about those being authentic prints, reprints or even reproductions! When I was a teenager, I had posters of black and white reproductions of photographs on my walls, and this is probably the starting point of my passion for photography. No matter what the rating or the potential of a photograph, let yourself be carried along by your tastes and your feelings when facing an artwork. And above all, never forget to take the time to look at and contemplate your photo from time to time.

Do you often buy photography?

One of my passions is to collect photographs of masters such as Doisneau, Ronis, Lemaire, which tell the story of a 20th century Paris with such a particular aestheticism. I regularly attend auctions and this is my first acquisition at a photography fair. I now know that it won't be my last!

What does it bring you to live with this artwork?

This artwork has a place of honour in my house. Indeed, it hangs above my bed. It faces a mirror, so I have the immense pleasure of being able to contemplate it from any point in the room, including from the back of my bed. As my husband pointed out, it is as if we have a new window from which to look out. As the day fades and melts into darkness this picture brings a pleasant atmosphere to the room and gives a subtle impression of soft, distant illumination.