Cécile S

fever founder
Cécile is the starting point, the "founding mother", the one to whom fotofever owes its name. She created fotofever 11 years ago wishing to make the art collection accessible to all. An independent-minded art lover, she is the pillar of fotofever and the link between artists, gallery owners and collectors. Woman of mind and heart, Cécile works for art but also for women. Thanks to her commitment, fotofever has become the first 100% egalitarian fair!


fever booster
Aurélie joined fotofever in 2021 after studying art market management. Head of the gallery section, this former lawyer also coordinated the tribute to Roger Schall exhibition, introducing exclusive photographs to collectors at fotofever 2022. She works closely with Cécile on the fair's upcoming editions.





Art decoder
In charge of mediation at the fair, Anaïs studies the works displayed, coordinating with artists and galleries in order to facilitate encounter between artworks and the public. As part of the Start to Collect program, she introduces visitors to art collection and answers all questions relating to the photography market. Through her guided tours, she shares her favorites pieces and analyses the latest trends in contemporary photography.





Cécile M

Story teller

Producer and journalist, Cécile is in charge of editorial, communication and press relations for fotofever. Whatever the formats (texts, photos, videos and audios) she brings gallery owners, artists, partners and collectors into light. Cécile has a talent for creating relevant and innovative content.


Tech away
(Blue informatique)

Jean-Sylvain is the webmaster of the team, ensuring that the website runs smoothly from home page to exhibitors' space.


Buzz booster

Responsible for the communication on fotofever social networks, Raphaëlle designs, organizes and publishes all the content you follow on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. She is also the one answering your questions and comments on these platforms!


Book maker

Director of Snoeck editions, a mythical Belgian publishing house, Philip is undeniably one of the pillars of fine book publishing in Europe. Since 2013, Snoeck has been co-publishing the fotofever catalog, a must-have produced with love and passion!





Safe made man
(AFS Conseils & Sécurité)

With Alain, there is no problem without a solution! Thanks to him our visitors can stroll and marvel without asking questions. In connection with the City of Paris and the Police Prefecture, Alain ensures that the staging of the fair complies with all safety rules to welcome the public and exhibitors at the Carrousel du Louvre, the most visited museum in the world.


Food fever officer
(no more penguins)

Elie is the founder of No More Penguins, the new generation caterer breaking the codes of culinary events. And that, we liked it right away! Elie and his team offer creative collaborations highlighting the themes of the fair, welcoming visitors, exhibitors and partners with a hint of (delicious) madness.


Magic builder

Jacques is undoubtedly a magician. In just a few hours, his team transforms the 3,500m2 halls of the Carrousel du Louvre into a beautiful and welcoming fair. The stands, the collector's apartment and all the reception areas are their creation and have been since the very first edition of fotofever in 2011.


Experience explorer
(the full room)

Passionate about decoration, addicted to 3D technologies, devourer of images, Thomas fell in love with fotofever as much for the inexhaustible energy of its founder and team as for its ambition to free up access to art photography. With the entire team of The Full Room, the service platform for decoration he launched in 2017, Thomas supports Fotofever by designing new digital services that make it possible to hang ever more art photography amongst more and more art enthusiasts.