Delphine Blast, France

The Chata Gallery - France 

© Delphine Blast, Cholitas 1, serie Cholitas, la revanche d'une génération, 2016, courtesy The Chata Gallery

Delphine Blast is a French photojournalist, based between Paris and Latin America. Her work is founded on long-term documentary projects, where the portrait takes a central role. 

A member of the Hans Lucas studio, she regularly works for the press and different international NGOs. Her work entitled « Cholitas, the revenge of a generation » has been exhibited recently in Bolivia, at the Museo San Francisco in La Paz, and will be soon exhibited in France in Paris (in November at The Chata Gallery : 14 rue du Château d’eau, Paris 10ème)

At Foto Doc’ Collection

Since 2015, Delphine Blast has developed an extremely profound work focused on the place of women in Latin America, and more particularly in Bolivia in the context of the renaissance of indigenous pride.

In familiar Spanish, “cholita,” designate a Bolivian woman from the indigenous culture. The emblematic bowler hat, the long black hair, the adjusted corsets and the lively and colorful skirts: their outfits are recognizable throughout the world. Surprising when we find out that Cholitas have suffered racial and social discrimination for decades. But in recent years, with the election of Evo Morales in 2006 as the country’s first president to come from the indigenous community, the status of cholitas has changed. The cholitas have been brought to the front stage, becoming more present in politics, on television and even in the field of fashion.