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During the fair : some initiatives to encourage the collecting of photography 

A 2017 success, the Collector’s Apartment returns this year with a new selection of artworks priced at less than €5,000, in a 400 sqm decorated interior. fotofever collaborates once again with the celebrated design house Roche Bobois to furnish this space.

©Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

Visitors to the fair will be able to participate to a programme of daily talks with experts in the eld on various subjects linked to the market and the collection of photography.

Anaïs Montevecchi, founder of The Art Decoder, will share the keys to understanding photography and on how to start a collection.

Distributed to all visitors, this guide o ers important information for the discovery and collection of photography.

Each artwork is accompanied with a label on which its price is available.

Each year, fotofever and a partner gallery o ers the opportunity to visitors to discover and collect a big name in photography through contemporary reprints, much more accessible than vintage prints.
In 2018, Galerie Argentic will present a selection of works by French photographer Roger Schall.

Because publishing is an important part of photography and numerous collectors have started by purchasing photobooks, fotofever has decided to launch a dedicated section. This year, fotofever welcomes the PhotoBook Social Club, a French publisher collective including André Frère Editions, Editions Light Motiv or Editions Loco.

In a context of under-representation of women photographers in exhibitions, fairs and festivals and in the art market, fotofever decides to put them in the spotlight with Women of Photography: a collective exhibition of 5 talented women, discovered by Cécile Schall, founder of fotofever, and Fabienne Perrut, curator and founder of Récurrence Photo.

Lexifoto : terms specific to fine art photography and its market

Photography is a very secific medium, because of its high technicality (in the shooting but also printing process) and reproducibility

Some of the terms you will see in cartels or hear in disucssions with galeries and/or artists are explained in this lexicon.

A brief history of photography 

Although it is not necessary to be an expert in photography to start collecting and thus support the artists of his time, it is important to understand the genesis of this relatively recent medium, resulting from the technological developments of the end of the 19th century, and had to go through many steps before being accepted as a fine arts practice.

▶ Discover here the fascinating history of photography, which will celebrate in 2019 its 200 years.