In a context of under-representation of women photographers in exhibitions, fairs and festivals and in the art market, fotofever decides to put them in the spotlight with Women of Photography: a collective exhibition of 5 talented women, discovered by Cécile Schall, founder of fotofever, and Fabienne Perrut, curator and founder of Récurrence Photo.

Adeline Bommart, Stéphanie Foache, Laetitia Lesaffre, Hélène Marcoz and Louise Narbo: 5 singular approaches, presented in a dedicated space within the Collector's Apartment.

Women of photography is part of fotofever's START TO COLLECT program, initiated 6 years ago to help discover new talents and support them through collecting their work. 

©Adeline Bommart

©Stéphanie Foache

©Helene Marcoz

©Louise Narbo

©Laetitia Lesaffe, laureate Objectif FEMMES 2018


Women of Photography is produced in partnership with Recurrence Photo, founded by Fabienne Perrut: a one-stop-shop rental solution of photographic exhibitions for companies, helping them enhance their brand image and the environment of their employees.