Every year, fotofever and a partner gallery introduce you to a great name in photography, accessible to the collection through contemporary prints *. In 2018, the ARGENTIC gallery presents an exhibition by Roger Schall, an essential French photographer of the 30s.

In 1934, Roger Schall is introduced to the world of fashion and high society in Paris. He becomes a mundane photographer, makes many portfolios for Vogue and photography Coco Chanel, Hélène Rochas or Marlène Dietrich. But unlike most of his colleagues at the time, he photographs these women in their privacy or outdoors and seeks spontaneity.
The strength of Roger Schall's images comes from the alliance between the dynamism of the frames, the high technical quality of his shots and the romantic nostalgia of a world that will disappear ...

* The contemporary prints presented by ARGENTIC are made from the original negatives, numbered and validated by Jean-Frédéric Schall, son of Roger Schall. As a result, and because of the artist's place in the history of photography, they are considered works of art.

Masters of Photography is part of the fotofever START TO COLLECT program, initiated 6 years ago to facilitate the discovery and collection of photography.

©Roger Schall, Hélène Rochas

©Roger Schall, Lunettes Tournesol

©Roger Schall, Marlène Dietrich 

©Roger Schall, La Pompiste, 1930

©Roger Schall, Le baiser de la Libération, 8 mai 1945


Inaugurée en janvier 2015, la galerie ARGENTIC est située au 43 rue Daubenton, au cœur du quartier Mouffetard et privilégie la photographie humaniste à travers la présentation de l’œuvre des pionniers tels que Willy Ronis, Robert Doisneau, Edouard Boubat ou Roger Schall.

L’exposition « Femmes de Schall » sera présentée en avant-première à fotofever paris 2018 puis à la galerie ARGENTIC jusqu’au 1 décembre 2018.