fotofever prize with dahinden #3

The springboard for young photographic talent


The springboard for young photographic talent returns for a third edition!

The fotofever prize with dahinden offers a chance to discover the talent of young artists at the heart of the art market in Paris, the world capital of photography!

In partnership with the professional laboratory Dahinden, fotofever accompanies the 3 winners from the production to the promotion of their photographic works, exhibited at the 9th edition of the international photography fair fotofever paris from 13 to 15 November at the Carrousel du Louvre.



Congratulation to the 2020 winners!

Camille Brasselet

with her series À côté

©Camille Brasselet, Chance, À côté series

©Camille Brasselet, the bathroom, À côté series

"Beside is a photographic approach of the body within the notion of the " almost there ". The body, omnipresent in my work, tends here towards a reflection on the presence through its absence. A real contradiction is created, a world in-between; the body is so present that it ends up withdrawing from its environment. It is almost alien, there without being there. Our environment, although so familiar, ends up appearing strange to us... The notion of the familiar domestic space as a disturbing strangeness is also present in this work."

Camille Brasselet is a 23 year old French photographer who explores the place of the body in its environment.


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Victor Cavasino

with his series Tone tension

©Victor Cavasino, hystogram-3, Tone tension series

"The genesis of Tone Tension is to observe the remnants of the social concept of colour in South Africa - between individuals, within themselves and through their relationship to space through the association of a purely artistic and scientific observation to colour and tonalities. The constructed images is an inquiry into these variations and tensions. I use a histogram and a waveform, as scientific tools, to measure the intensity of the tension. These tools make visible its complexity or on the contrary denies a tension that we seemed to feel."

Victor Cavasino is a 31 year old photographer who questions the notion of identity and its relationship to colour and appearance.


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Tereza Kozinc

with her series Finding Stenli

©Tereza Kozinc, Untitled 10, Finding Stenli series

"Who is Stenli? Does it matter? What is important is that Stenli's disappearance has led to a utopian search of a home. Every night, birds find shelter on a new tree. From Saint-Lazare to Belleville, from Ljubljana to Hokkaido, location after location, life remains in the present. Fleeting roots. The presence of the lost one manifests itself through a forest, a river, a sky. Stenli also exists through the multiplicity of our loved ones."

Tereza Kozinc is a 34 year old Slovenian photographer, living in France, working on the notion of the physical and emotional home.


2020 jury members :

Cécile Schall
Founding Director of fotofever and jury president
Yuki Baumgarten
Artistic DIrector of fotofever
  Dimitri Beck
Director of Photography at Polka
Julia Amarger
Artist, 2019 winner of the fotofever prize with dahinden
  Chantal Nedjib
Expert in communication through photography, L'image par l'image agency
Sébastien Meyssan
  Bastien Speranza
Director of Dahinden
Sae Shima-Cardonnel
Co-director of festival KG+
  Guy Boyer
Director of Publication at Connaissance des Arts


In partnership with Dahinden

The prestigious photo lab Dahinden, created in 1968 in Paris, has become in a few decades the main partner of photographers, combining expertise and innovations to enhance visual creations at every stage of production.

Wishing to strengthen its commitment and its support to photography artists, Dahinden renews its collaboration fotofever to offer young talents the opportunity to realize their dream!


And KG+

As a satellite program of the KYOTOGRAPHIE international photography festival which is held every spring in Kyoto, KG + offers an ideal platform for emerging artists.